pes2013 BaL crash fixed

This is how to fix pes2013 BaL crash fix.

PES 2013 BaL crash fixed
PES 2013 BaL crash fixed.
This is very simple, I have tried it and it works.

This way can work for any patch. PES 1.00, PES 2013 2.0 patch, PES 2013 2.2 patch. All patches have been tested by myself.

With BaL, or Become a Legend in PES 2013, many people facing problem of crashing during process to game news page.

What you have to do to fix this PES 2013 BaL crash problem is by rename the EDIT.bin file in MY DOCUMENT > KONAMI > PES 2013 > save > EDIT.bin

PES 2013 edit.bin
rename your EDIT.bin to anything

just rename it, you don't have to remove it just add EDIT backup.bin that all you need to do.

Then enter your BaL in PES 2013 normally, and you are done, game can still play with no more crash.
BaL no more crash
Become a Legend > load > play > enjoy no more crash

After that crash screen pass. You can then change name of EDIT backup.bin back to it name as EDIT.bin, so that you can still play other mode with your patch.


Have fun with PES 2013, in ML and BaL mode


  1. mine get crashes during a match in BAL always in 86'' minute

  2. SAVE there is not in my file??
    who can i find it?